Why not employ people with Cerebral Palsy?

Today is World Cerebral Palsy Day. One of the greatest barriers for people with CP is access to employment. There are a million reasons to employ people with CP. People with CP have often learned to be patient, adaptable and developed the ability to think outside the square, to make things accessible to them. Therefore people with CP can bring unique perspectives, skills and abilities into any workplace

Christianity and Borderline Personality Disorder

This week is Borderline Personality Disorder awareness week. I thought I would use the opportunity to explain to people what it’s like being a Christian and having Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is a condition that is very misunderstood, particularly amongst Christians. How then can we create communities where people with BPD feel loved, accepted and part of the family of God?

The Questions I Ask Myself

It is so hard not to portion blame when things go wrong in life. It’s hard not to see that someone was at fault or did the wrong thing. When circumstances are left unexplained in life, it’s even harder not to blame God. How did He allow this to occur? What have I done so wrong that I am being punished? But these questions help me to lament over the circumstances of my life, and begin to trust in my Heavenly Father.

An Open Letter to Christians on Prolonged Suffering

It is absolutely amazing how Christians respond to suffering. I think a lot of it has to do with what we are taught about suffering depending upon which Church we attend. Whatever end of the spectrum we find ourselves, our response to those going through prolonged suffering can simply be unhelpful. Very rarely do Christians weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). I have had a lifetime of heartbreaking suffering, and can only count a handful of Christians who have actually wept with me. It is far more common to be corrected for having a negative attitude over the challenges in life. This simply has to stop in the Christian community and be replaced with biblical lament.

An Open Letter to Christians on Mental Illness

I am so thankful that as a society we are talking more about the impact of mental health. In my experience though mental health is still very much a taboo issue amongst some Christians. Those of us with mental health challengers are told that they are possessed by demons, or they are choosing to be naughty and sinful, or they lack faith and trust in God, and on it goes…. Mental illness needs to be seen as an illness amongst Christians, and in response we need to love people like Jesus would. How would Jesus love them? All throughout the gospel we see Jesus showing people compassion, understanding, and serving them in the midst of great difficulty.

Church And Disability

As a Christian with a disability, I have first hand experience as to what it is like entering into the church community with a disability. I really do think that although people within the Church do their best to accommodate those of us with additional needs, the institution as a whole unintentionally marginalises and excludes people with disabilities. Therefore, the church unintentionally isolates some of the most desperate people in society who need to know Christ’s love and to be apart of the body of Christ.

An Open Letter to Christians

I have longed to write a frank and honest letter to Christians because I think some are uncomfortable with suffering, disability and mental illness that they are often at a lost of what to say and do. I hope to write a series of blogs that provide suggestions as to how we as the body of Christ can follow the example of Jesus by loving the marginalised in our community, and making the church a place where they feel loved, supported and cared for.